I was born in a country that no longer exists. In the 90-s I was a teenager. I can’t recall what life was back in the USSR - everything I know about that time I get from the books, newspapers, and stories my family told me. Much has changed since then, and the only way to get back to the USSR is via movies.

I was born in Moscow, and I love my city deeply. The origins of my family are from Zyuzino, which used to be a village, but now is a district in the South-West of Moscow. The first mentioning of my family dates back to 1640: my family’s last name was Skovorodovy (“skovoroda” in Russian means “a frying pan”), because everyone was round-faced. The history of my and hundreds of others’ families has been described in the book by S. Yaroslavtsev “9 centuries of the South-West of Moscow”.

I am not directly related to Gelena Velikanova. She is from my step-father's, Dmitry Velikanov, family, and I share his last name.

Music surrounds me everywhere - be that the singing birds in the forest, the noise of the cars in the traffic jams in the streets, or the conversation between a woman and a man. But I love the sound of silence. Sometimes I am told that I am very loud at keeping silent. Maybe because I have a perfect pitch, my mother took me to the music school when I was a kid. I was singing in a choir “Radost” (Eng. joy), and once had to perform on the stage. It was a penny dropping moment for me - I realised that playing in the performances and taking part in the concerts was my cup of tea! Maybe each of us just needs to sing together with their inner voice.

I had very good teachers. I liked to study in the Schepkin theatre school, and to take piano lessons. 12 years ago I took up yoga, and today meditation is a part of me. I can not imagine my life without practice. I also adore horse riding and analytical drawing. I crave for new skills, and enjoy the studying process a lot. For me every director or acting partner is a teacher.